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    I would like to know what others think about a website I compiled that contains some panorama pictures I took of my university.

    Some questions I had.
    How is the overall layout and design look like? I tried to make it as user friendly and easy as possible.
    Did anyone have trouble navigating through the website?
    Are the arrows on the map confusing at all?
    Do the pictures take long to load?
    Should I watermark anything?

    I made this website for fun but also for potential OSU students to take a look at the campus before actually traveling to the city. If anyone has any suggestions or comments, please let me know.

    Karim M.

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    I didn't clue in that I had to click the arrows. I was clicking on buildings and nothing happened. Someone else in the room did the same. Perhaps change"Select a spot" to "Click on the arrows". Otherwise it's great and loads fast.

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