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    CPANEL vs Webalizer bandwidth war

    I have an account with very strange bandwidth numbers.

    CPANEL reports that the site has used 27 Gig of bandwidth this month to date.

    Webalizer reports 1.47 Gig

    Analog reports 2.6 Gig

    A full 9.5 Gig of my CPANEL usage is supposedly from my vBulletin forum (a whopping 200 new posts this month...never more than 4 or 5 users online).

    Any ideas what's going on here?

    My hosting company is now throttling my site back to 4k/second because I'm too close to my 30G monthly limit. I cannot believe that the CPANEL data is even close to correct.

    Any ideas?

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    I'd change hosts the second the try that

    It's what is being counted that counts - you have FTP, cgi- and php being missed by some log analizers. Analog and Webalizer almost never report the same figures - but use both.

    I use this stats, more acurate - but why dump the old favorites

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    There is not 9.45 Gigabytes of data being served by FTP from my forums subdomain...

    I do have about 1 Gig of ftp traffic, and I know that Analog and Webalizer will miss that. That miss is a far cry from the current differences...

    I'm still discussing this with the host, but it appears that I will be moving soon, since he is adamant that CPANEL is correct and that Analog and Webalizer are both simply off by a factor of 10 and that I need to get over it.

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    Cpanel also counts POP3 traffic. May be that helps.
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    No POP3 traffic on this server.

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    If your account has a dedicated IP address then ask your host to give you a data transfer total based on bandmin -- this is more accurate than CPanel. If you don't have a dedicated IP suggest he gives one to your account, as then it's much easier to check data transfer use.

    CPanel usually underestimates the data transfer rather than overestimates. I doubt very much that the host is fixing your CPanel reports (not sure how it would be possible to go about it!). Log files are not a good reflection of data transfer either.
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    Have you got mod_gzip installed? This can cause large discrepancies in bandwidth usage that is shown.
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    Yes, GZIP compression is on and enabled for the forums, but you have to keep in mind that these forums are NOT particularly active forums. I have 200 new posts this month, typically less than 5 visitors online at a time, and the most active threads have 200 page views total!

    Remember we are talking about CPANEL reports of 9,500,000,000 bytes of data transferred here. The Webalizer and Analog numbers are believable in the 1.5M to 2M range. 9.5Gig is simply an outrageous, unbelievable number. It's just plain incorrect.

    I don't believe the hosting company is trying to screw me - I just think they are not capable of understanding what's really happening.

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