I've haven't been here in quite some time... last time I was here, I tracked down LiquidWeb and signed up and have been very happy until very recently.

For $50/mo I get:
20 GB storage, 200 GB bandwidth, 256 MB RAM (bursts to 1024 MB), 4 IPs, cPanel and WHM. It runs linux, of course.

I've been very pleased with their service. Their support tickets are handled promptly and I can call them 24/7 if I have a minor issue that has to be corrected while I'm on the go. That's very important to me - being able reach somebody live on the phone, such as when I'm out of town and can't easily ssh into my server. Also, I have never had more than 2 minutes of hold time.

I'm absolutely pleased with LiquidWeb's service except for two things which have reared their head recently:

1) They don't offer the latest Linux distributions. (Apparently they need to upgrade Virtuozzo.)

2) I'm both contractually and technically unable to setup a small VPN server. The VPS kernel lacks necessary IPSec support to do L2TP over IPSec. Obviously, loading Poptop's kernel module isn't an option. OpenVPN can't work because TUN/TAP is disabled by the VPS and they won't enable it.

I'm interesting in running a VPN server to provide security and connectivity between a few people when traveling. I am not attempting to run an open proxy or similar thing. I can set this up technically, if only it were allowed/possible.

All the other specifications of my server are quite acceptable. Frankly, I'm not an intense user at all, I just need enough disk space (20 GB), reliability and phone support, preferably 24/7. It's the reliability / support issue that keeps me from just trying any old VPS provider. I don't need to be walked through everything, but I do need to be able to get ahold of somebody immediately to straighten out issues ASAP.

I'm to the point where I'm ready to migrate to a newer OS (my old FC2 VPS is no longer getting security patches) but that involves migrating to a new VPS. I don't see any reason why I should remain with my existing host, due to the aforementioned issues. My host is unwilling to compromise on their stringent 'proxying' rules.

Can anybody offer any suggestions or insight to guide my quest for a new VPS?