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    Hosting software suggestions please?

    I run a very small operation with about 15 domains, and I'm looking for a new hosting control panel to use.

    My problem is finding a hosting control panel that meets my needs. I'm willing to consider commercial options, but am on a very tight budget. I host at cost for video games & homebrew related sites.

    I have 384MB of ram to work with, so I can't use any panels that need 512MB or more. I'm on a linux VPS, and prefer Ubuntu or Debian.

    Things that I absolutely must have:
    1. Control over the templates used for apache configuration.
    2. Log file rotation that works and doesn't interfere with webalizer and awstats.
    3. MySQL database accounting (actual disk space used, not just number of databases)
    4. Working spam filtering controls, support for SPF records, and working email user validation.
    Things I'd like to have:
    1. An interface that doesn't suck.
    2. Quick response to bug reports.
    3. Ability to hide unused options (MS SQL & PostgreSQL, frontpage)
    I've tried:
    1. VHCS - lacking options & stats collection in areas (don't tell me to contribute to this project, I already contributed an IPV6 patch and SPF work)
    2. ISPConfig - clicking save in any dialog takes you back to the main status page instead of somewhere useful to context. interface isn't organized very well.
    3. LXAdmin - closed sourced. I can't find any way to edit the templates used for apache config generation. Changelog/Release notes hasnt worked on any version I've used. Though they have been the most responsive about bugs and feature requests.
    4. Webmin/Virtualmin - not business oriented. Users can't figure it out. Integration is lacking. plugins might not work on your distro.
    Problems with my current setup:
    1. Email is checked for local delivery before its checked for local sender, so if a message is from a local address to another local address the client isnt required to be authenticated. (Tons of spam getting thru to my users by spoofing non-existant local accounts such as [email protected])
    2. Almost daily outages because of bugs in the control panel, email server, or a mixture.
    3. Lack of customizibility, "400 skins" my eye. 1 color scheme with 2 incomplete icon sets isn't 400 skins. Changing a simple php_flag for one domain is a pain cause next time any apache config is generated it wipes out the changes, and the templates appear to be hard coded into the encoded php.

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    Well, I am not sure on the resources required to run Plesk but I definately recommend it.

    Short of that, have you considered a reseller account until you build up your domains?

    Maybe then you could buy somthing with more RAM and a dedicated server

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    A reseller account is not a viable option for me. I run many things on my server that a reseller account would not provide. I currently provide my users with a bittorrent seed server & tracker (one of my clients is a machinema series), IRC bots & server, and VPN access to the server. One of my clients uses custom software I wrote that doesn't work well on windows so its hosted on a shell account on my server.

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    very tight cost... if you bump the price up by $1 per domain, you can afford directadmin.

    Its well recommended by practically everbody, and $300 will get you a lifetime licence.
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