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    Levels of Bandwidth, what do they mean?

    I've seen ads of Level 1 - 3 bandwidth, "Premium bandwidth" etc.
    Does it matter to a web master on a dedicated server what quality or level bandwidth it is for as long as it for example works 10mbps with a 10mbit port? Does a 10mbit port in general guarantee 10mbps?

    If there's something to the level of bandwidth:
    What level is the best?

    I probably should just ignore it all.

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    An example of when premium bandwidth would be a priority for a dedicated server would be if your business requires telnet connections to your server. If the bandwidth isn't of premium quality, there may be more hops between you and the datacenter or some dropped packets over the carrier. A few dropped packets during a telnet session would mean your users are disconnected and that would be much more detrimental to your business than if you were serving up web pages.

    10 Mpbs may not be the actual transfer speed you get during transfers if you have a 10Mbps port. Their will be latency that causes slower speeds, depending on where you transfer data to/from. There is also an overhead of bandwidth that is used during data transfers that uses up some of your 10mbps as well, which can cut it down by as much as 1-2Mbps.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tertsi
    I probably should just ignore it all.
    I'd recommend that

    There's so much hype out there, its hard to pick apart fact from fiction.
    Anyone talking about Tier0 is incorrect, there really is no such thing.
    Anyone talking about Tier1 is probably incorrect, unless their prices are really high.
    Anyone touting Tier2 is probably buying from a reseller or another ISP of some sort.

    When looking for a good provider, consider their service, their expertise, the lack of agrandizement and lastly price. If you get good service, pay the price, because its really hard to find.
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    Also it is possible that the company name "Level 3" which is a major bandwidth provider to hosting companies is adding to your confusion.

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