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    Wanted - Simple, yet effective design

    Helo there.

    I am currently setting up a new website, and I am in need of a design for it.
    The site will need the following:

    • Simple logo banner creating
    • A header menu bar
    • Simple side menu
    • Compatable with 800*600 and higher resolutions (so basically, auto-expanding)

    Sites that are sort of what I am wanting include:

    As you can see, its the Top bar with a detached menu column and content box, with a simple footer. Minimalistic, yet satisfying to the eye.

    The theme of this site is a directory site -- Contact me for more details on this.

    I would like it to be in a green colour, although not too prominant. Designing experiance should be used to combine colours for pleasent viewing.

    Please contact me for specific details (such as colour schemes and specific requirements). Dont forget to include an estimate for this. Note, my budget is not too big.

    PM me or email me at: [email protected]

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