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    Lightbulb Designers needed!

    "Hello all,

    We are currently looking to boost our design staff and have a couple of positions available. Below are full details of the job offer if you would like to apply please E-Mail me at [email protected] with your name, country and portfolio.

    ---------------------------------JOB INFO---------------------------------------
    Work on a monthly basis
    35-50 Per Page (about $42-$62)

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    Are you kidding? contact information?
    <:<: [Fruit eating linux administrator]

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    I'm interested but i don't have much of a portfolio.

    I'm from the UK, live in Greater London and have been coding HTML for over 4 years.

    If you are interested i'll e-mail you.

    Thank You
    Robin Hawkes
    Portfolio :: Click Here
    E-Mail :: [email protected]
    AIM :: robin hawkes
    MSN :: [email protected] (no e-mails to this please)

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    daveysdomain: The next time you post a job offer, I would recommend using your company's e-mail address (if there is one).

    I would also recommend using a more professional username.... Davey's Domain is like saying: Bob's Web Design.

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    I know alot of businesses using hotmail addresses so it's doesn't bother me. if he is serious then everythin should be all good.

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    yea i think so the way i emailed you daveysdomain.
    Marko P. | [email protected] - Advanced Hosting Solutions

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