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    [FLASH] Change pointer on button

    Hi Everyone,

    I created a menu in Flash and i have invisible buttons around it to go back to it's original status when the user moves outside the menu.

    Everything works fine but when the user moves accross the invisible buttons the pointer changes to a hand.

    Button.prototype.useHandCursor = false;

    The hand just dissapears from the whole movie, but i want it to dissapear from the invisble buttons only. Does anyone have a suggestion?

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    Try this script in your invisible button:

    on (rollOver) {
    _root.pointer._visible = true;
    on (rollOut) {;
    _root.pointer._visible = false;

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    Thanks for the fast reply!

    This works however this removes both the hand and the arrow. I do want the arrow to be visible constantly. I don't know enough about Actionscript to change it myself

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    Try this tutorial this will definitely helps you out from your problem:

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