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    server specs / capacity

    I would like some advice and to see if this is a good approach to setup a server / web business.

    The idea is to start off providing very basic web hosting functionality for smaller sites.

    I was thinking about purchasing two similar or identical servers (RAID1 disks) + server fully mirrored.
    In case 1 falls out the 2nd one takes over. DNS services is at startup located on other servers in the DC.
    If this works out then I'd be looking at increasing servers with clusters or LVS.

    I'm having a very hard time finding resources and information of the load and server capacity.
    I was thinking about a system like this:

    CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 , RAID 1 SATA disks (preferrably Raptor), 2 GB of RAM.

    This would then be running LAMP. I would limit the traffic to 5-10GB transfer / month per account.
    (most account would not nearly get up to this figure).

    Is there a ballpark figure at about how many web sites this server could handle ?
    Are we talking about 50 ? 20 ? 100 ?

    If you have some advice on the whole idea I would be glad to hear them ;-)

    Thanks a lot !!


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    In theory it could handle 1000 sites with very little traffic. Its all relative.

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    This all depend. We have quite a few "small websites" taking up no more than 50MB space, but they use up a lot of resources, combined. It will depend on what the site does. Is it a CMS? Is it e-commerce, forums, blogs? All of these will use more resources than a plain HTML website. Even if you have plenty HDD space, and bandwidth, if the CPU & RAM is insuffiecient, the server will take slack.

    That said, the most appropriate way is to set it up, and see how it goes. My clients (and their website visitors), are not the same as your, or the next hosting providers, so you need to take in mind that if you do this, you need to be prepared to upgrade, at some stage. Your server specs could hold a lot of websites, but you could find one that has a shopping cart, a forum, and even photo gallery on his domain, which could consume more resources than a 100 or more of your other clients.

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