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    Best Reseller Account offering Multiple IP's

    Hey guys,

    Very informative and helpful board! It is definitely great to have a place to get opinions from experienced hosting resellers and clients.

    Here are the main requirements for what I am looking for:
    Looking for a reseller package where I can host up to 50 websites with each on its own unique IP address (50 IP addresses). Must be reliable with at least 99.5% uptime. Low setup fee. Monthly cost less than $45 per month.

    Secondary (somewhat flexible) requirements:
    Linux, Control Panels, FTP, CGI, standard Perl modules, at least 100 MB space (total), at least 10 GB data transfer (total), pop email, ssi, etc. Pretty much your run of the mill options.

    I realize that most of the reseller plans being offered (by the companies that I have seen on this board) provide all of the features I need with the exception of the 50 IPs. But, I have valid reasons for needing the large number of IP's and really have no desire to get into a debate about why I need or don't need these IPs.

    Also, if you can't swing 50 IP's but can provide say 25 IP's at a good price please feel free to post.

    Thanks and I look forward to your feedback.
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    If you are looking for quotes you need to post this in the Request forum or ask a mod to move it for you. Host are not allowed to post offers in this forum. If you want advice or suggestion on what host to use it is best to make a short list first and then get feed back.

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    Re: Best Reseller Account offering Multiple IP's

    Originally posted by Momentum
    where I can host up to 50 websites with each on its own unique IP address (50 IP addresses).
    You'll run into a problem here. Most servers have space for 256 IPs (unless they have 2 ethernet cards). So lets say the host offers 5 reseller accounts per server @ $45 each ..that makes $255. After the server fees and staff salaries, that doesn't leave much. Just an example of course, they could have dual ethernet cards.

    Another problem you'll run into is that most hosts will not just give you 50 IPs upfront, since they have to be justified at

    If your host handles out 50 IPs to each reseller and out of a block of 250 IPs, only 70 or 100 are used, they will not be able to request more IPs from until those IPs are used up.

    Hope that helps a little
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    Out of interest then Marc, how on earth did Alabanza manage to pack on so many accounts per server with each account using a unique IP? Do you know?


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    Exclamation Alabanza

    Hi All, I think Alabanza got in early before all the JUSTIFY business got going. I have been reselling Alabanza based product since the beginning of 2000 and to my knowledge there was no need for Justification then. I can still sell their plans IP based with no problem. Plus you can't beat the Buddies in the Boardroom!


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    What do you need that many dedicated IPs for?
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