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    Transfering Files from one server to another

    If you have a website that is database driven with the software (Community Server) on it, how hard is it to transfer all of the data and info on the site from one server to another (whether it be a virtual or dedicated server)? Let's say that we have 500 users that have info on the server. Is it very hard to do? What steps must you take?

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    not hard. download your files. backup your database. if you have a large database nifty scripts like bigdump will allow you to upload your sql backups with relative ease.

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    Community Server is a .NET portal, is that correct? Do you have remote access to MSSQL Server? If yes, you can make a full backup, and move all web pages with database backup to new server. Otherwise, you will need to ask for backup from server admin.

    You should install the same version of .NET Framework on both servers for easy debugging in case of something wrong

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    scratch my suggestion than. i should read closer the fine print in these late hours. lol

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    Not sure if Community Server is a .net portal or not. My web designer is going to implement it on my website. It is a program that I guess you can buy and download online. It is a blog/message board type program. I want to make sure that I don't mess up my website down the line if I move this program and all of my sites info to a different server later

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