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    [review] Brillianthost.

    I'd like to share my experience with

    I was out looking for a windows server. I looked and i found some, but some didnt have the components I wanted, and some didnt support this, or that.

    I found This company supports a LOT of ASP componenets. That really helped when making my site. Not only that, but if your a linux guy also, they support PHP with mySQL databse support.

    So yes, they have ASP, ASP.NET 1.1/2.0, PHP, and other goodies.
    They have plenty of databases also.. mySQL, MSSQL, access, with dsn/odbc connections so that was a bigger plus. (because I also code visual basic, and i sometimes do use an online database to keep the software in sync).

    I sent them a quick email for a trial. Dave wouldn't give me a trial. The response was quick, and explained it, but he said no.. ok so i said i'll contact him again. so i went off searching for another hosting company. that time i thought brillianthost was rude.. haha but not anymore. Anyways, I couldnt find one that offered the same pricing/support/features as this company did.

    Even though he said he couldnt give me a free trial, he said he would return my money if i didnt like the service.. So i went along. $7.95/ a month? sure why not..
    Although it is expesnive compared to somehosts, the features, and support DEFINETLY MAKE IT UP!

    So I signed up.. at first I sent off a few emails regarding support. They were answered. He has a tech team that does the server stuff and its amazing.

    6 months later, im still with them.

    now I am converting my site from ASP to for more functionality.

    I prefer to not disclose my personal website.


    The companys website is

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    Great review! It's a commodity when you don't want to publicly post your domain, you post it to the mods for verification.
    They will verify your domain and post it here. Good to hear positive reviews and comments about a web hosting company!
    hi there!

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    Quote Originally Posted by amygdela
    They will verify your domain and post it here.
    Verified. Thanks!

    Do you have a WHT question or concern? Please open a helpdesk ticket.

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    Thanks for the review masfenix. I will certainly take this into account when choosing my hosts in the future. - Hosting Chart for Top Shared Hosting Providers
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    Nice review about your host.

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    Thanks for taking the time to share the experience that you had with your host. Make sure you come back with another review as more time goes by.

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    3 months later, and this host is BETTER THEN EVER!

    i dont think i've had downtime since my original post till now.

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    Hi Affan,

    Thanks for the great review! It is a pleasure having you as a customer!


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    Good to hear things are still going well for yourself
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    May I ask which plan you went with? Windows or linux, and which package?

    Is the hosting speedy? Are you able to download and upload at full speed to it? How about the ping you get to it?

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    sorry about the late reply, didn't realize someone asked a question.

    I went with the windows pacakge with MSSQL db. I do program in ASP/.net and i have yet needed to ask him to install a component for me.

    everything is there for you.


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