WebHostingTalk is seeking qualified applicants to act as Liaisons in the advertising forums.

Community Liaisons are akin to Forum Specific Moderators. As a Community Liaison, you would attend to reports generated by members. You would close threads that needed closing, move threads that needed moving, edit threads that needed editing, and alert/warn members that needed alerting/warning.

We are looking for Community Liaisons who would be comfortable with moderating the advertising forums only.

Interested applicants should open a ticket at the help desk directed to the MODAPP department. Only applications submitted to the MODAPP department will be considered.

Please include your WHT user name, a description of yourself and why you would like to be Liaison. Include the hours you normally visit the Forum, expressed in GMT. If you have no schedule you visit, please include your time zone in GMT.

These are non-paying, volunteer positions.

  • Be familiar with the rules of, and spend time in the advertising forums
  • Be available for at least a few hours a week to handle reports about advertising forum posts and to proactively moderate
  • Be an example to the community with your contributions and interactions with other members
  • Work well as part of a team
  • Have a non-biased attitude
Applications will be accepted through January 28th. We will begin contacting members after February 11th.

Thank you for helping make WebHostingTalk a better place for all.