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    Lightbulb Anonymous FTP access

    I want to anonymous ftp access to users, so they can upload anything. But i want that they click on the link and address open for upload, and not have to write any username or passowrd.

    Please tell me how to do this. I am on VPS and using cpanel with WHM.

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    Please guys help, I dont want to use a script, i just want a copy/ pasting and already created a ftp account. But the main thing is the address of the ftp (URL) is not supported by IE but working fine in firefox.

    So, i need a fix for IE. And the sample URL for ftp is ftp:[email protected]:[email protected]

    Please someone help because i know this is possible because my previous webspace provider set this for me but when i asked how to do this..then he denied to tell and my new webspace server technical staff doesnt know about this.

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    Buddy i have written a same thing that you are talking about and IE doesnt take two "@" in the URL.

    username: [email protected]

    password: guest


    directory: incoming

    that makes...

    ftp:[email protected]:[email protected]/incoming

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    By default ftp clients use anonymous as the username/password and its probably the FTP server that has anonymous turned off. Its a bad idea to allow anonymous people on the internet to upload as you will quickly get warez in there
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    That's a later thing.. what to allow or not. First thing is how to acheive the things.

    Btw, on my website i opened a anonymoys login from last 1 year and dint get any warez there... because after uploading that file is not accessible for anyone, so not to worry.

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    I did it some year back and don't remember the exact syntax right now. But I can tell you how I achieved that exact FTP URL [using smartftp] for other users to upload or download from a particular folder in ftp. Be sure that the folder has global access. Then just to go to that folder and by clicking on the right on that folder you will get the make url of this folder option and just copy paste that url to provide it to others. [but in this case there are chances that others may get username and passwords through this url, if they tried to find it out.
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