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    [Hire me] Layout Coding, Billing/Script installations and Integrations, Php work etc.

    My name is Austin. I have 8 years experience in Web Development. I have done quite a bit a work for those in the webhostingtalk community, and I have quite a few refrences I am able to provide on request. Below I have provided my services.

    Web Development
    Have an existing template? Let me turn it into a full working web site.

    up to 5 pages: $25
    Up to 10 Pages: $50
    Up to 20 pages: $80

    This price includes all content write ups, graphics, scripts, and anything else you need on the pages in order to get the web site in working order.

    Layout Slicing and Coding:
    $20.00 per psd/png.

    Billing System Installations
    Modernbill: $15.00
    ClientExec: $15.00
    WHM Autopilot: $15.00

    Billing System and Script Integrations

    Php Scripts
    I can also create small scall php scripts such as logins, members areas, etc. Contact me for further pricing.

    If you need something other than I have listed here, and need something done, feel free to ask me If I can do it, and the pricing behind it. If I can't do it, I'll be happy to tell you someone who can.

    I am able to provide refrences and usernames of those on the forum you are able to contact that have worked with me in the past, and I can also show examples of my work upon request. You may contact me by private message or post here. You may also provide me with your live chat username (aim, msn)

    I am available to start work as soon as you are ready, and depending on the project size I will have it done for you within 24hours.


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    I would definately recommend his services. He installed and setup ModernBill for me. He was quick and professional all the way. We even ran into problems with my server -- he didn't charge me extra or complaint at all! I'm definately going to be sticking with him for everything he'd like to do for me! Thanks again for the help!

    Breck Burgess

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    can you work with XML?
    Exchange My Mail, Inc
    Hosted Exchange 2010 | Windows Sharepoint

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    Thank you for the kind words VerusHost. It was a pleasure working with you, and I look forward to continue doing so .

    Exchangemymail, I have sent you a private message.

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