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    Help required for hosting novice

    Hi some of you may remember the following post I made in November

    Hi I am based in the UK and just about to have my first website hosted. I am a complete novice and do not have much technical knowledge so will need a host that can give good support. My site which is AJAX based in PHP with a Mysql data base is a directory of entertainers.

    It will eventually include about 2 thousand photographs and 1000 short video/audio clips (these clips will be limited to 30 seconds each because of performing rights issues) When the site is launched it will have only a few images/clips and will gradually build up to the figures above over a period of about 12 months.

    Can anyone advise me on how much disk space/bandwidth I may need and recommend a reliable hosting company with good support.

    Regards Rob

    Following advice from many of you I decided to start of with a re-seller plan (for the extra capacity) and progress to semi-dedicated and maybe dedicated as necessary and I took a plan with Skynethosting.

    After some delays on the development side my site is now ready to be installed on my server. I have been advised by my developer that I need to install FFMPEG with lame and Flytools2. Unfortunately Skynethosting do not allow this on shared or re-seller plans and they have sold out of semi-dedicated plans, so it looks as though I will need to change hosts.

    Any offers or advice? I am happy to go with a lower end semi dedicated or VPS plan.Although cost is an issue, reliability and support are an important as this is my first website and I have limited technical knowledge.

    Regards Rob

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    You can install those at Dreamhost
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    Where you are UK based I would recommend looking at A2B2 as they are good UK company that provides good support.

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    What sort of budget are you looking at keeping under and do you have more detailed information on your exact hosting needs?
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    I think that you should research offer section here. Take a lok on the most interesting and find for their reviews here or over there.

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    So you've found hosting, paid for hosting, haven't used your hosting, now want to use it, but found out you can't. Sounds like your developer, or whoever, hasn't given you the best advice. At least now you know what you need. When looking for a host, make sure you send them a few pre-sales questions, including the items you mentioned in your post. If your site is new you probably won't need much more than a few hundred MB's space and a couple GB's B/W and a host that won't mind spending a little extra time with you till you get used to things. Hang around here and keep an eye on reviews when making your choice. Best of luck and stay away from the heavy oversellers.
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