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    * ||24/7 LIVE Chat|| #1 on WHJ & NP●RAVE REVIEWS●$3.89●PHP5/MySQL5●FINAL SALE>>PolurNET

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    ############SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENTS ############
    • Our notable corporate clients include:

      -Enanta Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
      -GridNode, Inc.
      -Columbia Basin Netwerks, Inc.
      -Extradius Inc.
      -St. Louis Broadband, LLC
      -Hemphill and Associates
      -Grupo Corporativo Vision

      ... and still hundreds more! These customers trust our services and we make sure to suit everyone's needs on a personal basis with our wide range of service offerings. Join and see the difference yourself!

    • NOW introducing TRUE 24/7 LIVE Chat and Helpdesk support! As per customers' requests, we have extended our live chat operating hours from business times to full 24 hour coverage. Take advantage of our friendly sales and support staff to assist you with your website, no matter what time! Note this service is currently in trial, and will be re-assessed next month for its effectiveness and usage

    • One of the ONLY competitively-priced webhosts offering multiple DNS server redundancy AND a fully clustered, global DNS network >> Our nameservers are on different Class C (technically, /24) IP ranges at geographically and topologically dispersed locations, complying with RFC2182 3.1 standards! The clustered/global nameservers ensure that your site is fail-safe thanks to multiple DNS servers

    • Don't have PayPal but still want to signup for our services? We support standalone Credit Card payment gateway powered by, Mail-In Checks, Money Orders and of course PayPal are always accepted!

    • Need a Domain Registration? It's only $7.95/year with any hosting package, or available standalone at our subsidiary,! ~ Now over 1000 domains registered!

    Our Super Post-Anniversary Specials are only guaranteed for a limited time -- less than 2 weeks! If you're looking for a host or need to switch, don't settle for anything less other than PolurNET Communications!

    We have 24/7 support options, listed at Our professional Helpdesk and Live chat representatives waiting to assist you. Talk to them yourself to see our friendly and effective sales and support team!


    PolurNET Communications ( is proud to offer both Shared and Reseller Hosting packages.

    With SEVERAL HUNDREDS of happy customers currently with us and dozens of new signups each day, each one of our clients have only great, positive feedback to say month after month! Therefore, PolurNET Communications' specials are surely not to be missed!

    Our core SAVVIS and Databank network servers boast Dual AMD Opteron processors or Quad-Speed Dual Intel Xeon Processors with a 800Mhz FSB, 2GB+ RAM, clustered DNS and more! Enjoy the extreme performance with all new orders!

    .:: Shared Hosting Plans ::.
    Featured Specials:

    ++ BasicPaw SH-2510
    --> 250 MB Space, 10 GB Bandwith
    --> Excellent for beginners in need of low cost, yet plentiful bandwidth and space
    --> cPanel with RVSkin, Fantastico Deluxe
    --> 20 POP3 Email Accounts
    --> 6 Add-on/Parked Domains
    --> 20 Sub Domains
    --> Perl/PHP 5/6 MySQL DBs/PostgreSQL
    --> FTP Accounts, Cron Jobs, Web Statistics
    --> 99.9% Realistic Uptime Guarantee
    --> Daily Backups to our remote server are available

    and much more for only:
    $4.99/mth or $59.00/yr (USD pricing)

    Also see our popular BasicPaw LITE SH-156 for only $3.89/mth, StarterPaw SH-3512 and SilverPaw SH-4515, as well as the LITE and PLUS versions of each for even more value at competitive prices!

    .:: Reseller Hosting Plans ::.
    Featured Specials:

    ++ BIZZPaw RS-230
    --> 2 GB Space, 30 GB Bandwidth
    --> cPanel, WHM, Fantastico
    --> 40 Domains/WHM Accounts Quota, Unlimited Parked/Addon Domains
    --> All RVSkin Themes Included
    --> All Control Panel Features (email, ftp, etc.) are Unlimited
    --> 99.9% Realistic Uptime Guarantee
    --> 100% Private Label (Private NS extra)
    --> SSH Access enabled upon request
    --> LOW Sites per Server Ratio!

    Lifetime Price-Locked, LIMITED TIME OFFER $9.69/month or $116.28/year (USD pricing)

    **UNTIL JANUARY 22, 2006: Enter rebate code "WHTLOVESPOLURNET" during order time, and receive an instant 5% off ANY SHARED HOSTING plan on all payment terms for the FIRST MONTH ONLY of your account!

    *Valid for WHT referrals, applicable on first month of service only. Subsequent months will have regular pricing (above) applied, while yearly/quarterly/semi-annual customers get a one-time discount equivalent to 5% during signup

    Try our popular BIZZPaw LITE™ RS-115: Affordable, yet boasts great reseller features!

    Also see our ICEPaw RS-345, HOTPaw RS-460, MAXPaw RS-575 and SUPERPaw RS-8120 for incredibly low-priced, yet high-end quality reseller hosting services.

    Recent Testimonials:

    REAL Reviews on Authoritative Discussion Forums and Many Sites! ::
    1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19,
    >>NEW @ NP!! 20,
    >>NEW @ WHT!21,
    >>NEW @ WHT!22
    A totally different support experience, compared to previous host service. PolurNet has made the transition from Plesk to CPanel painless, and I have yet to pose a question or request that is left unresolved.

    Troubleshooting seems to be approached much more professionally - it's not about what 'I' did to create a problem, but instead it's about how to solve the problem and make it all work properly. There are always learning hurdles that must be identified, but unlike my former provider, PolurNet isn't interested in assigning blame. They simply point out what & how to fix it. Sometimes it's something I can do, sometimes it's assistance from them. In either case, I'm nurtured as a customer to learn at my pace while service interruptions are minimized.

    Highly recommended.

    Michael H.,
    So far so good! Any problems I had were resolved in satisfactory time frame. Support team was good at resolving the one ticket I did have.

    -Ron J.,, NamePros administrator
    I have never had a website or domain name before so this is my first experience, and I must say, a suberp one at that! Anand of and the rest of the staff have been really helpful in helping me learn all the basics and getting me set up. They are very supportive and respond super quick and always have the right answer for what I am looking for. I will/have been recommending them to anyone I know that has a website or doesn't have one currently to go with these guys. They are the absolute best! Thank you for everything PolurNet!!!

    -Brandon and Alyssa,
    * helpful
    * very helpful
    * very very helpful
    * quick
    * their response time is brilliant
    * if necessary you can always catch the staff on any forum!
    * price is reasonable too
    * I AM HAPPY.
    - Birgit H.,
    Hosting with Polurnet has been a very good experience.

    Competitive on price, reliable and excellent support - some companies act like they are doing you a favour by letting you be their customer, but Polurnet seem to really value my custom. They take every contact seriously and seem to genuinely care about helping me with whatever questions I might have.

    I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.
    - Rolf S.,
    My site is working great on a VPS server . I upgraded from a reseller account. I don't know much about computer technical stuff, so I probably asked a LOT of questions in the process but they answered them all questions quickly and with patience. If anybody is looking at this page and hasn't decided to join Polurnet or not yet, I'd more than 100% surely recommend that you do.
    These guys are excellent and I always feel assured.

    Honestly PolurNET is my 4th host, and the best one yet!
    - Teruki M.,
    I'm a newbie and can be a pain in the rear sometime when contacting customer support. Polurnet customer support is second to none. I can get hold of them almost any time of the day. During and off office hours to answer all my trivia questions or requests.

    Their online chat and helpdesk is what I like most. They can answer any questions you have almost instantly. Tech support is friendly and efficient.

    I have more than 62 sites hosted with Polurnet and I'm very happy with the service thats provided. Sites is always up and running. I would recommend Polurnet to anyone needing quality hosting and superb customer support.
    - Anthony N.,
    I'm a very satisfied PolurNet customer per my 5 star summary (here). They promptly responded in knowledgeable detail to my pre-purchase server administration/ utility questions. They have fulfilled their service agreement perfectly. Additionally they have worked with me (just as they said they would) to install and/ or modify safety approved administration software.
    - Ara K.,
    PolurNET manages to provide excellent (nothing short of impressive) customer service and technical support for a very affordable price.

    We've tried a range of both discount and premium hosting providers (such as Hostgator, dot5, IXwebhosting) in the past, but PolurNET represents one of the best values out there without compromising reliability and quality.

    Their customer service reps are great to deal with and offer thorough support (not the repeated typical and frustrating canned responses). I especially appreciate the fact that they've been very patient and helpful with issues that they werent even obligated to support (Third party issues).

    I recommend PolurNET to anyone who appreciates great customer service and affordable yet uncompromising hosting provider.

    -Joe M.,
    these People ROCK!

    i had some slow issues w/my sites.... just used there 'live chat' feature, and in minutes, they had it fixed! talk about great customer service!

    i've been a happy member for a year, and this has been the first 'issue' i've had!

    Thank you guys so much!

    -Delilah H.,


    If there is one company you need to trust for all your hosting needs, be sure to check PolurNET Communications; you'll definitely not be disappointed!

    We look forward having you as one of our valued customers! If you have any questions, please contact us via one of the methods at our support center, or email sales[at]

    Best Regards,
    PolurNET Communications Staff

    **© 2007 PolurNET Communications, all rights reserved. Do not attempt to copy format of this sales thread**
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    FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

    1) Do you offer a script installation service? I need help installing XYZ product...

    We do offer a third-party installation service for a nominal charge, depending on the type of product, complexity, resources and compatibility with our servers. Price ranges are as low as $10-15, for scripts like phpBB, Wordpress, IPB, vBulletin etc. Please note, we do NOT debug scripts nor provide direct third-party support for them, even as part of our regular hosting services as per our policies. For more information, contact our department at support[at]

    2) Can you transfer my website from my old host?

    Depending on what control panel your old host used, we can transfer your website for free, or for a nominal charge. We can transfer up to 20 cPanel-based sites with reasonable web space usage (no greater than 1-2GB) for free, but it is your responsibility to ensure full compatibility (we will do our best to edit config files, but if not possible, we will let you know). If using a control panel like Ensim, Plesk, Hsphere, etc., prices vary and usually start at $10/site

    3) Do you support MediaWiki?

    Certainly, this is supported on all our PHP5 servers (currently standard on all new orders). Although our systems have PHP compiled as a CGI or FastCGI for maximum security and performance, we have developed custom mod_rewrite rules to work with our system if you desire URL schemes such as /wiki/MyPage as opposed to index.php?id=MyPage. Note, our reasonable CPU limits (max 2%) must be followed by all customers. Contact us for more information

    4) Are adult content, proxy sites, myspace resource sites, etc. allowed?

    No, these are disallowed on all our shared/reseller hosting servers. Only certain adult content may be granted exemption if it complies with our resource usage rules, but any other high resource sites require a standalone VPS or dedicated server, which we do provide, starting at $65/month. Contact our sales department for more information, sales[at]

    5) Do you have phone support? Live chat?

    Phone support is not available at this time, due to our decision to maximize client support response times through online methods for best performance and reliability. However, it is currently under consideration in the near future. We focus on our online methods such as our 24/7 helpdesk with a response time guarantee; most tickets only take a single reply to be solved within minutes! Live chat is available at most times during the day for general sales and general support questions. If you want to book an appointment or have more specific questions, contact our staff through our other methods listed at

    6) Do you offer uptime guarantees?

    We do actively enforce our uptime policies to ensure all-around reliability and response times 24/7. If in the unlikely unscheduled event we fail to meet our 99.9% guarantee on a certain server, you may be eligible for a partial uptime credit, by contacting our billing department before the end of the month in question, when stats are available. Exact compensation amounts are disclosed upon release of stats. Certain rules and conditions apply; contact us for further details.

    7) What are the new prices when these specials are over?

    Prices will be increased to meet the growing needs of quality and performance. Monthly figures are expected to go up from $2-15, depending on plan specifications and demand, by the beginning of the new year.

    8) What are your email usage rules?

    We do support most email services, however, have strict usage rules to ensure all customers are fair, and benefit from our services without a lack in performance. Users may not send more than 100-150 emails per hour, and have daily limits as well. If you expect to exceed these limits or if we suspect your accounts using this much, contact our support department in advance. For higher usage, we recommend upgrading to a VPS or dedicated server solution; we also suggest this option to users found to be exceeding our resource capabilities, in an effort to minimize any deterimental effects on our shared/reseller servers.

    9) Can I have a dedicated IP?

    As per ARIN policies and regulations, nonsensical IP usage is disallowed. Therefore, we only grant dedicated IP(s) if you have a need for SSL certificates, with a few other limited exceptions. Certain servers on our multiple datacenter network are much less severe than others, so it is best to contact us for availability and placement options.

    More questions and answers will be posted as they become available.

    Thanks to the large amount of orders already received from WHTers; we welcome your business!
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    █ Avoid the Freeze, Enjoy the Breeze! █ A federally incorporated Canadian company at your service since 2004
    Proudly #1 on WebHostingJury and #1 on, the largest domain forum on the web!
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