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    Logwatch for my host... What to do with it?

    So I've been getting this log watch from my server emailed to me on a daily basis. It gives me a list of all the authentification failures via SSH and other protocols. Should I be actively concerned that there's specific IP addresses consistantly trying to access my SSH account? Likewise, for any type of failed login. Should I actively block their IP address from accessing the server at all?

    I've also noticed in the Connections group, there's a lot of connections -- is this normal?

    Just want to make sure I'm taking an active effort on preventing my server being brought down. I mean, I have 2000+ SSHd authentication failures... seems really high.

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    Thats 'normal'

    You should setup a brute force detection system, and sounds like a good idea to setup a firewall to block the SSH port to certain user/IPs.

    On this forum or google look for APF and BFD works well, and a side of OSSEC.
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    I've seen attempts in the 10's of thousands and yes, they are normal. Just people running scripts to see if an easy to crack Server login is being used.

    You should prevent direct 'root' login and using another port will cut down on login attempts as well.

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    You should really look into something like csf to automatically handle these types of things for you. This will automagically block individuals who try over X number of times without a password to login.
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