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    New Site Review


    Can some of you guys view our site and tell me what you think of it. We've just put this online.

    Thanks In Advance

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    Moved to Web Site Reviews.
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    I take it you mean the site in your signature.??

    Nice layout, good colors.
    I think the top naivgation could be more obvious (underline on hover perhaps.?)
    Not sure about the header pic maybe a little bland colour wise as well maybe something else with a little bit of colour.?
    I like the left vertical navigation thats fine the plan boxes seem to make the site a bit lop-sided not sure if it works or not.?
    Overall not bad at all.. - Image Hosting -

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    Yes sorry

    Award winning internet solutions
    Web Hosting Express

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    A couple of things jumped out at me (mainly spelling wise) - which I will point out below. As far as the design goes, I think it is pretty nice! Great colors and defiantly professional.

    Home Page/Consistent-
    - On the header, there should not be a capital after a comma. Rather than "New Year, New Site?" it should read: "New year, new site?"
    - The word 'Web hosting' in your navigation should be capitalized to read: 'Web Hosting'
    - Various words throughout the website are radomly capitalized. Capitals are used for names, and at the beginning of a sentence.

    Web Hosting Page-
    - The main welcome text to this particular page sound's terrible in my opinion. It currently reads:
    "We've got the award winning hosting solutions for any website. All of our packages are below simply choose a package below and click order now to order."
    Perhaps you would put something like "Web Hosting Express offers award winning web hosting solutions for any website! All of our award winning web hosting packages are listed below. Simply choose a package, and click the 'Order Now' button to complete your order and get started today!"

    Internet Access Page-
    - The top image to the left does not have the 'i' capitalized.

    I hope this helps! Good luck with your new website!

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    You have a decent layout. But the blue shade is overused and causes a lack of focus. Make a list ordered by priority of what YOU want your users to look/click at when they visit your site and make it clearly different from other things.

    Quick example: I'm assuming the single thing you want most from visitors is to click on "Click Here For Details" button and then order. But that Click Here For Details hardly looks like an active/legible button.

    Good luck!

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    Very nice layout. I just see one big problem (to me at least). The white text over the light blue is very hard to read.

    Other than that, looks great! Very simple and easy to follow!

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    Looks very professional! Nice colors and user-friendly navigation.

    I'd recommend you to change those beige boxes on your Web Design page to blue (navigation color or lighter), just a suggestion.

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    Site looks great. You should get a css menus (or image... i like css) and make the menu more obivious.

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    I agree on the beige boxes -- last thing you want is to use color schemes that do not stand out. Solid layout of design/content.

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