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    Do you think MB will update MB 4 in case cPanel API changes?


    Just wondering that, do you think MB will update cPanel module for MB 4 in case cPanel changes some API, so that cPanel module on MB4 need to modify to do automation?

    If there is any MB staff, could you answer? Also what do you guys think?


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    i think right now there are way to many users on v4 still that they would have to keep it updated. This is only a module and should not take long to do anyways.

    For long term i think they will continue to make updates as long as there is a demand ands once there isn't they should make a anouncment about it giving everyone time to find out. iHost v3 in beta Host Automation - iPanel v4 beta With Forced Ads in User Sites, illegal file scanner, and new post 4 hosting feature
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    That's a trickey one to say, since they feel MB5 is stable. It's by far not stable, and for many people not even a workable option to use. That said, a date and time will come when it is, and they could easily then push everyone to start using V5 instead of V4, same as they did with V4.1 when V4.3 was stable enough, and at that stage they'll probably not continue supporting it. As bad as it sounds, they'are already not very eager to offr support for V4. What they offer is what you get at this stage. Take a look @ all the requests for other (very important / critical) updates that V4 needs, and their response each time is, "use V5, V5 can do it".....
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