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    Servers in Spain?

    Hi people, I need a server in Spain, where to buy a cheap one?. My budget is the lowest possible (20 to 40 euros per month), I don't need a high-end machine, 1000 GB of bw (no need unmetered 10 or 100mbps) I just need a server in order to do some backups and host some static websites. I preffer to buy directly from a datacenter, madrid, barcelona or even small towns in the north are ok for me.

    If it's not possible, how about servers in France?, Germany?... no kimsuffi/dedibox or stuff like that without support, I need to be in contact with the datacenter support's at least via ticket with decent answer times to my small inquiries. Spanish, English or French, the language it's not a matter for me.

    I appreciate all the suggestions you can write here.

    Thank you.

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    You won't find servers in Spain for that 20-40 euro budget. A good host here is hostalia, but you got 512 MB of RAM for 99€ and 1000 GB of BW.

    In France I know CTN1. For Germany based servers you can try
    I've worked with servers of both of them.



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