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    Server Management: DomainKeys installation

    Can anyone recommend a reliable server management company who might configure and install domainkeys for us for a standard RH enterprise sendmail install? We will also want the entire process documented step-by-step so we can replicate it ourselves later on.

    I've looked around for howtos on this to handle myself and have got precisely nowhere. Domainkeys seems like a serious pain in the *** to install, and thanks to Yahoo/AOL its really a must.

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    Various Documentation on
    seemed to make it fairly straight forward... tho i havent actually tried implementing any of it.

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    Yeah I thought the same, but I can't get it to play nice with sendmail at all using that site and others. Googling hasn't yielded many useful results so it seems hardly anyone is implementing this stuff.... even though it's pretty essential for avoiding AOL/Yahoo junk/bulk email classification. So willing to pay an expert to run through this on a standard RH Enterprise install, document the steps for us, if we can find anyone

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    I recently was also thinking about installing the sendmail milter, but the way its configureable was too complicated for me.

    Now I would like to implement it myself.
    does anyone has a detailed "how to implement" description for it?
    I only was able to find finished programms which can be installed to do the job, or some descriptions which only contained general descriptions without details.
    I am intrested in the details, like what dns-querys to do, how to calculate, etc.

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    Well if I can find someone who will take this little project on for us, I doubt anyone will have any problem sharing the wisdom with the wider community.

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