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    Question 3rd party or merchant?

    For a while now I've been using PayPal and Yahoo! PayDirect, and I have decided it's a good time now to either get a 3rd party or a merchant account.

    I'm not moving any large amounts of cash yet (nothing over $300/month), so it seems it would be better for me to go with someone like 2checkout instead of someone like ECHO, right?

    I'm thinking 2CheckOut or HostCharge looks good, but I'm not sure which one yet.


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    I would say that unless you have money to burn, 2Checkout would be best price. Although if you are taking in thousands of dollars, then an actual Merchant account would be best.
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    Dude, I'm still in the same boat - don't feel bad. Hopefully within the next week I can switch to either HostCharge or 2CheckOut. Whichever has the cheaper setup.
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    Despite some of the recent negative posts regarding them, I personally have had no problems with 2Checkout. Highly recommended.
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    Recommend 2checkout.
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    3rd party

    3rd party processors are just more host friendly and less expensive for the startup operation. The negatives are you have to wait for your money longer and you really don't know much about their financial stability and the safety of your funds.

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