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    Special Offer for WHT forum members @ SupportLayer

    SupportLayer - Grand Opening Specials

    The following are the grand opening specials for SupportLayer, a new LAMP technologies support company. These offers will be valid to all that claim the "WHT" credit during online sign up, following our official launch on February 1, 2007. We will take email-based questions until that time, please see the end of this message for contact details.

    The following points outline our planned offerings and strategy:

    1. To support the PHP programming language and all major Open Source software projects that are built on the PHP/MySQL application framework, as well as any in-house, custom developed PHP solutions our support customers might have. Simply email [email protected] to ask if we support an open source application that you are using.

    2. To act as the front-line technical support for any and all MySQL related technical support questions. For more complex support requests we will bring in MySQL AB, at our expense, to assist us in finding a result to your support request.

    3. Linux systems administrators that specialize in security, performance and sound administration policies will monitor your servers 24x7. Just as with MySQL, for your Linux needs, we will, if needed, acquire vendor support at our costs to assist you with your support needs.

    4. Immediate response to customer requests is the life-blood of our business. So much so, that we will compile a daily "response time" meter that will clearly show our current responsiveness to support requests.

    5. We hire the most qualified people for the job, regardless of race or nationality or minority status. We require fluency in English and high-quality written and verbal communication skills.

    6. All support technicians will receive continuing training, at no cost to them, for the duration of their engagement with SupportLayer. This helps us to attract top-level specialists and enables SupportLayer to offer it's customers the most up to date and relevant support services.

    The above points give an overview of our philosophy, which is that we are building a team of technical specialists that will offer companies a world-class support infrastructure for their entire technology stack, from operating systems to open source applications, SupportLayer will become the team that you will depend on.

    The special offers for the WHT forum members appear below:

    SQL Query Optimization Service: $10/query (normally priced at $25/query)

    This service will require shell access for our MySQL specialists to access your database server. Please don't ask us to optimize queries on live, running installations of MySQL. If you don't have a test database server, we may ask you to provide us with a dump of your database and we may pefrom the service on our platform.

    Ticket response time for this service is 30 minutes or the work will be performed for free!!

    Aspiring Developer Package: $500/year (normally priced at $1,000/year)

    A 10-slot Subscription to Safari Books Online for assisting you in developing your technical skills in programming, database theory and linux systems administration by allowing you access to hundreds of technical books to help you develop your understanding of the LAMP stack. A $240 value!!

    A dedicated mentor that is available to you during normal business hours for assisting you with LAMP technology questions. Consider SupportLayer as an additional resource in your quest to expand your abilities and to provide you with a solid foundation along that journey. We can match you, when possible, with one of our specialists that speaks your native language, if other than English.

    You will also be entered into a sweepstakes drawing that will provide the winner with an airline ticket, hotel and food accomodations to your choice of official Linux, Apache, MySQL or PHP conventions. You will be accompanied by the SupportLayer team and will be given access as a VIP to our booth and party following the conference. The drawing will take place on June 1, 2007 and one winner will be chosen at random for that prize. Specific details of the sweepstakes drawing will be posted on our site, in the coming days.


    The "just in case" Package: $50/per incident fee (normally priced at $100/incident)This special offer is to all of those aspiring web hosting one-man/woman operations, that need an extra hand from time to time. No matter what you require, a rebuild of apache, mysql replication failed at 2AM, configuring new customer backups, changing passwords, you can call a telephone number, 24x7, and your instructions will be entered into our trouble ticket system and a support specialist will be notified, in person, to begin the work with highest possible priority on your ticket.

    This is your insurance policy, to have another pair of eyes and hands, just in case you are caught in an emergency. We come from a web hosting background and your "on-call" support team will already be briefed about your setup and configuration *before* any unfortunate emergency arises. You train our specialists on your system and then relax, knowing that we will be there for you when you need us the most.

    An incident is defined as one, critial failure, emergency or other business interrupting event that requires our assistance.


    The Application Benchmark Challenge: (20% off the quoted rate)

    You provide us with the following:

    1. A testing/development environment
    2. A benchmark plan and script
    3. Your desired benchmark results
    4. 24 hours to test and learn your application environment

    We will then provide you with a quote on what we think it will take us to make your application meet the benchmark. If you accept the quote, we will begin work on the challenge. If we meet the benchmark challenge, you simply pay us the quoted amount, otherwise you pay nothing.

    Typical turnaround for these services depends entirely on the depth of the application and the level of required improvement, but for most applications should be in the one to two week time frame.

    This service would be great for forums, blogs and social networking sites that rely on open source applications that are starting to lag in performance and need a more scalable solution that also addresses immediate performance increase.


    For any information regarding SupportLayer and the special offers mentioned above, please contact [email protected] and we will be glad to answer any questions you may have.
    SupportLayer - Enterprise Linux Server Management

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