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    request order form

    i'm creating a hosting-domain website and now i request to help me to create a order form for my hosting package

    a checking domain form - when customers check domain availablity,if the domain is unavailable,it display "the domain xxx is unavailable" and a sign up form has 2 fields

    domain name
    domain registration (new or transfer)

    if the domain is availble,it leads to the order form (which included the domain name)

    which has these below fields:
    First name
    Last name
    phone number
    email address
    account plan (1month/3months/1years/2years)
    password (maxium 8 characters)
    confirm password

    a sign up form.when customer enter it leads to:

    domain name
    domain registration (new or transfer)

    then it leads to order form

    when customer finish the form and press submit button,an email display customer's informations and some of my words will be send to customer's email

    that's all
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    I am interested in knowing how to do this also.

    I thought clientexec or modernbill do that ? --- can someone please confirm this?


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    Clientexec, ModernBill and WHMAutopilot can do that.

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    It would probably be cheaper to use an off-the-shelf package as opposed to hiring someone to code a custom one for you. ModernBill is a good one.

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