RegisterFly's special offers may make them one of the cheapest registrars around but their registration system is fraught with bugs and their technical support capacity cannot cope with the mess their registration system is creating.

Typically any new registration will follow the same pattern:
1 - they charge your account and report the registration was successful
2 - when you check your account the newly registered domain does not show
3 - if you check using another registrar (or even RegisterFly's seach) the domain still shows "Available"
4 - if you check your failed/succeeded registrations the domain shows "Failed" due to required Registrant/Billing/Technical contact info not being correct and the fee was credited to your Quick Checkout account
5 - if you follow RF technical support instructions and try to re-register after 24 hours, the domain seems to register but in fact does not but the fe is deducted from your account
6 - you then spend a week trying to get someone at RF's support desk to wake-up long enough to give you the standard RF "wait 24 hours then try again" response

At this time my advice is DO NOT USE RegisterFly. NameCheap, GoDaddy (or even DomainsAreFree!) will do a better job in a fraction of the time.