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    Question Request - How to

    Simple one this I hope.

    I see a lot of nice web designs and there all in picture format.

    Could someone explain please once you have created your picture in Photoshop how do you proceed to make that into your html page?

    Please as much info as possible, newbie to photoshop & graphics



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    Hi WebZac,

    Usually, PSD file is cut into small parts, depending on how the HTML designer will arrange them to create the HTML page , (Embedded tables, etc..) . then these parts are re-gathered gain by the HTML editor , and text is placed...

    this is very genaral procedure I know, PM me if you need to discuss each point in details.
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    Thanks for the info HostDev, that will give me enough to play with, although I'm sure at some point I'll be shouting for help

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