We are a company from Singapore. We have an office in India. We hope to continue our operations there even though our core work is almost done.

What we like to offer is dedicated programmers or web designers working on your project for a monthly fee from as low as $750 per month. They will be working from our India office. We have a manager over there overseeing everything. This is a proper company setup so you can't compare them with freelance programmers.

You can get a free replacement within the first 5 days if you are not happy with who we have allocated to you.

We have a team of programmers and designers on hand so you know your work will be properly carried out as the whole team can help out too.

You can communicate with them directly through msn, skype or any modes of communication you prefer.

We do not restrict what kind of work you allocate to them. You can hire them to do more business or solely for your own projects.

If you are interested, please leave a message with your details. We will send you our company details so you know we are a registered company in Singapore.