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    how do i network 2 computers to transfer files using cat5?

    i have a cat5 cable i made at work, both have ethernet cards, so i know how to hook that part up...

    but once they are hooked up by hardwire, how do i actually access the files on the one computer in order to transfer them to the other?

    once you get the network setup... isnt it as easy and click and drag???

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    You need a crossover network cable if you're just connecting the 2 machines directly.

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    Normal CAT5 can't work this way, you need a crossover cable or a switch in between. Once you've done that, you need to set up file sharing on the "donor" system, or on both if you intend to move files in both directions. After that, it's as easy as drag and drop.

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    what exactly is a crossover cable? or a "switch"?

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    Quote Originally Posted by agoutihead
    what exactly is a crossover cable? or a "switch"?
    A crossover cable is one where pairs 2 & 3 are swaped around on one connector (transmit on one end is receive on the other). If you are familiar with T568A and T568B wiring color codes you end up with one end wired as T568A and the other T568B.

    A switch (in the old days hubs) is a powered device to connect a number of PC's together.
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    Here's what you do:
    • Connect the machines. This can mean using a crossover cable, or plugging each into a switch/hub
    • Set your network settings. You'll probably want to assign each an IP address. Use and if you like, with a netmask of
    • Now, connect the computers. You ought to be able to browse them in your network places applet (assuming you've got them using the same workgroup name for each), or you can go to start | run and type \\ from and be fine.
    Ought to work.

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