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    i have 3 computers, can i consolidate them all into 1 to make 1 better computer???

    i have 2 dells, and 1 hp.

    are all of these parts interchangable?

    like for intance... can i take the memory from the other two and add them to my main one to make it run faster? or are you not able to add mutiple sticks of memory to boards?

    also i would like to take the one cd-burner and add it to my main one... what all would be needed? just a bit of plug in play?

    will i need to download certain drivers? i will probably reinstall windows if i can find someone with a disk i can use.

    what about hard drives... how many hard drives can i add to a computer?

    this guy i know has one hard drive for just running windows, and another hard drive for saving all of his files and music and stuff... is there any reason for more than 2 hard drives?

    how do i figure out which one of the three has the fastest mother board?

    anything else that i can consolidate into just one?

    obviously i dont know how computers are built, but i really want to learn, and this is one of the best ways i can figure out.

    is there any kind of diagram online that is very informative that shows you picture by picture how to build a computer that anyone knows of?

    thanks guys, as always.

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    It depends very much on what brand the parts are, what speed things are and the connection types used.

    If you have free slots for memory (and matching types) you should be fine to add the sticks (either 1 or 2 as a pair if required).

    Hard Disks and other drives are likely to be OK too.

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    well how do i know what brands are interchangable?

    the only things i would use from the hp would be memory, ram, maybe hard drive, depending on how big it is and the motherboard if its the most advanced.

    how do i figure out which mother board is the fastest?

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    It's more probably about which CPU is the fastest you have. You haven't mentioned the specs on any of the machines. If you right click on My Computer and choose properties you should be able to see the CPU and the amount of RAM for each machine. Try out

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    i will probably reinstall windows if i can find someone with a disk i can use.
    Don't you already have a legal copy installed?

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    well the one dell i cant turn on to see what it is, my brother like punched it or something and now it wont turn on.

    the computer im on now, which is the 500 mhz dell, has 128 mb of ram... you think this is enough, or is it worth to add from the other computers i have?

    see i think the other dell has a faster motherboard, i think its either in the ghz or its like 900 mhz, but my 500 mhz has a better processor, ive got an old p3... i think the other dell has maybe a celron?

    the hp i know nothing about... ill have to hook it up to see the specs...

    and i lost my windows disk.... i dont know where it is. completly gone. i know it sucks.

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    am i able to swap processors on motherboards?

    i.e. can i remove and reinstall my intel p3 onto my brothers faster motherboard?

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