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Thread: Streaming Video

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    Streaming Video

    I'm putting together a video site and wanted to know what types of video to setup.

    I was thinking to offer all the various formats .wmv, .mp4, Ipod, PSP but then I started to think maybe just do everything in Flash.

    Anyone have any comments?

    I was thinking about this Hivelocity server to start with .....

    DUAL CORE P4 2.8 Ghz
    1 GB Ram
    160 GB Sata hdd
    6 ips
    1500 GB monthly bandwidth 10Mbps switch port $115/month, $0/setup

    The site will be local tourism with promotional videos.

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    If it is for video clips, encoding it in flash is a great way to go.
    Easy to download, no worries.
    Certainly dont need much in the way of processor speed.

    As far as server specs, it will depend on quantity of concurrent downloads. If you are only going to have a few people downloading simultaneously, then you can get by with a simple hard drive and minimum quantity of ram.

    If you are going to be experiencing hundreds of simultaneous downloads, then you will want multiple hard drives, RAID, and extra ram.

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