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    Could you please recommend a freelance web developer and designer?

    If you have had any freelance web developers/designers work on your projects before and delivered an excellent job, can you please recommend them to me?

    I'm requesting for personal recommendations from people who earlier had good experiences rather than having to rely on sites like odesk/elance.

    The price is not my primary concern and I'm not even concerned about the geography of the freelancer as long as they have an excellent track record.

    Currently, the requirement is PHP for development.

    I'd appreciate your help. Thank you.

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    Hi, I am an experienced web/flash designer ..working more than 4 year in this filed.I have good knowledge over flash action script. though you are looking for PHP developer but I would like to inform you that I supervice an web develop team which has the capability to provide any type of web design/php/ asp related work.
    If you interested pls let me know..It will be my pleasure to work for u. I can show my work samples and assure you get 200% satisfactory work.


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    What are the projects you are looking to have made ?

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    hi i am a freelance web designer, where i use my creativity to unleash life into websites
    contact me if you want to know more
    CMC Design

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    Hi ..unity100 I can show you my work sample on flash my address kallol2006[at]yahoo/com..pls mail me.

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    What is your preferred geography and what kind of sites do you want building with PHP. eg e-commerce, content management, Custom development etc

    I'm a mod_perl developer but I know a lot of good PHP people all over the world with various specialisms.

    I'm a member of a development community and can ask the guys and girls if anyones got the time to take on new projects (they tend to be busy as they're some of the best in the world on that list).

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    Reliable Web Developer


    If you're still looking for a reliable web developer (or small web development firm) I would recommend D3 Solutions (

    Good luck with your project!

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