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    Hey guys WATCH OUT for this guy on your server

    About an hour ago my server was shutdown due to this guy spamming with perl scripts and other means. I suspended his account and he said he was just using the Cpanel backup and that may have been the cause of the high cpu usage LOL
    I found the script in his cgi-bin and he set it up on 4 or 5 of his accounts.

    The guys name is Lee McCorkle with

    He has several websites that he uses for spamming and here are a few to watch for:

    If he wants to get on your server you better get him off quick or you will get stuck by this SPAMMER!

    You have been warned

    See ya

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    Sorry to hear about your server, always on the lookout for spammers.

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    Thanks for the headsup! Really appreciate you sharing!
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