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    800 x 600

    Hmm, should I consider them when designing a website?
    Right now, my site is compattible with almost all resoultions above 640xsomething.

    I had plans to add couple of more features to my site, however, if I do, 800 x 600 would have see the horiztanal scrollbars (yuck!)..
    but then again...I see so many sites that just overlooks them and focus on 1074x768 and higher.

    So, whats your stand on it?
    Should webdesigners just....forget the 800x600 people?
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    You could start using a stats program that logs the desktop resolutions (I Believe google analytics does this, and I'm sure others do too.) This way you can get a percentage of how many of your users would have to scroll.
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    This topic has been discussed at length many times - I'm sure that doesn't come as a surprise

    Here's what I've had to say on it. Screen resolution tells you very little about your audience viewing habits. You don't know if people are browsing with maximized windows (indeed, often, people do not - it is a window after all). You don't know how much vertical space is taken up by toolbars, enlarged icons, etc. You don't know if people have sidebars open and how much room they take.

    You can design a site for 1024x768 resolution, and find that half of your visitors who use this resolution get scrollbars. Screen resolution has much less meaning than people often give it. If you design a site to have no horizontal scrollbar at 800x600, with windows maximized and no additional browser gadgets open, you'll probably satisfy most of your 1024x768 visitors (and probably inconvenience some of your 800x600 visitors).

    Or, you can play the percentages game, and let people make your site as wide or as narrow as they wish on an individual basis
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  4. From my experience, less then 10% of our visitors are using 800x600 and below.
    40% are using 1024x768. The rest are using higher resolution.

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    Yeah go with 1024 and above. I would agree with webdesigners123s Point.
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    Keep in mind - if your web site is very wide, people have to move their eyes horizontally all the time. That is a bad idea.

    I always design sites with the max width of 750 fixed width. Take a look of major web sites, like CNN, MSNBC, etc. These sites are not as wide as 1024 for a good reason. Yes, there are still a lot of people using 800x600 monitors.
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