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    Hosting Software

    i have and owned v2 whmautopilot but ive been tring out whmcs. i just cant seem to get whmcs working. its defently differnt from whmautopilot. so what does everyone like best. ive heard modernbill might be the best. just trying to see if i should just stick with whmautopilot or move on. whmap has gotten to complicated.

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    If WHMAP works for you, stay with that. New billing system, you will miss features you like in your current billing system. I recently got a clientexec licence, but i miss few features that i like in current billing system like adding client note.

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    i guess it doesnt really matter anymore. i not really webhosting anymore. although i have had a server online for a couple months now and am looking for 5 people that would need resellers accounts just to help pay for the server. so really i dont need any of those scripts just wondering what one is the top rated. or if i should sell my whmap.

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