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    * HOw to make the subdomain in Ensim

    HOw to make the subdomain in Ensim???
    thank you~

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    Just create as you would any other account. For site name just fill in The rest you should know...

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    Or if you're asking how to create a subdomain within the same account...

    Just create a directory in your web root named "" and make sure you have a DNS record for "sub" that points to your main site.
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    Im currently programming an addon which will allow site admins to create there own subs and have their space, bandwidth subtracted from their account.

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    I cant stand this about Ensim. I know its the same for plesk but it just seems like more tedious work to create a sub either the easy way or by wildcards with Ensim.
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    With Sphera you just Enter the User Control Panel.
    Click on Domains Settings in the left Panel and chose DNS Records Tab
    Click on new Record and chose sub domain
    Follow the 1 screen wizerd (enter the subdomain and the name server)
    and Click finish

    It really is that easy. You should give them a try.

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