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    Exclamation Looking for Service Similar to Softlayer in VA and NYC

    We are currently looking for a reliable provider who can offer similar services and pricing to Softlayer in the VA and NYC area.

    So far SL has walked on water for us, but we need a regional presence in the NE. We are looking at Server beach, but would also like to hear from the masses any good recommendations other than them- if you are also a SL customer, please provide some comparisons.

    We are looking for Dual Processor and Dual Core servers (centOS and Win2003) so if the provider only dones one or the other, we are not interested.

    <snipped contact detail>>

    Thanks, in Advance

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    Take a look at VoxRox in NYC as well. - High Bandwidth Specialists - 100TB/1Gbps/10Gbps Unmetered/CDN/DDOS Protected
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    I reccomend VoxRox as well, of the 6 or so providers ive used and have still have, they have been the top in everything, including pricing.

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    Is this something you're load balancing, or are they for seperately provided services? If it's a web service or similar that you want to be served from nodes closer to the end-user you could look at Content Delivery Networks

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    10,574 [NYC] [ask their sales about their NYC location] [believe they can custom quote you if you ask sales - they're in VA] [VA] [VA] [VA]

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    1,029 (NY) - they have decent servers at decent prices

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    2,508 in NYC has a pretty good reputation.
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