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    Ok, this is it. The user 'ideavirus' has now sent me this damn email 3 times in 2 days. I emailed him after the second one to tell him to stop, yet I got another one. Here is the message.

    This is a message from ideavirus at WebHostingTalk Forums ( ). The WebHostingTalk Forums owners cannot accept any responsibility for the contents of the email.

    To email ideavirus, you can use this online form:

    OR, by email:
    mailto:[email protected]

    This is the message:

    Hello Chief,

    We got to know, you are running a hosting company.
    We have launched a new Niche Directory, dedicated to the hosting industry.

    Here is the pointer :


    I take this opportunity to tell you that, the listing of your hosting company or service is free with **********.com.

    Submit your listing to **********.com at the earliest. Please keep the description for your list to a maximum of 3 lines only.

    If you should be interested to advertise with us, contact us AT : mediakit@**********.com

    Also take a look at our directory. Give us some suggestions and feedback, if any.

    ********** Team

    PS : If you have recieved this invitation before from us, we apologise to have taken your valuable time by resending the same.
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    At least they apologized. Not that it saves you any time or anything.
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    I got this once, the apology says "if you have received this invitation before..." so they didn't apologize to me yet. I await an apology from this clown.
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    check the other post, he's been banned !
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    Correct, user was banned earlier so you shouldn't get any more. - Where professionals discuss web hosting.

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