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    3ware "multiple card support"


    I am configuring a new file server, with 11 drives and two 3ware 8506-8 raid cards.

    I would like to have one hto spare shared between the two cards.
    I have read on the docs that 3ware have "multiple card support" but I don't find anuthing in the documentation stating how to have two cards managing one big array.

    Is it actually supported or the "multiple card support" term is just a marketing leadout to state "you can put two card in a system without conflict" ?

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    I would assume that even if you could combine these two cards to control one large array (only certain RAID controllers are able to do that), that it would not be possible to use 1 drive as a hot spare for both cards. If the hot spare is on one card and the dead drive is on the other card, it would require that both cards tie up the entire PCI bus when rebuilding the array, leaving little bandwidth for actually reading/writing data to the array, network card, etc. When rebuilding a drive on a normal array, the RAID controller handles all data transfer from the working array to the new drive, without any input, control, or bus bandwidth from the host system.

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    rebuilding an array spread over 2 cards will still require the bus to be used - the cards will still have to calculate the parity bit from data stored on all the other drives, not just the ones on the dead-drive's card.

    I understand that 2 cards can be used to create one large array, I guess it depends on the card model/software - a review on suggested the 8506 didn't support teaming, but the 9500 did.

    My advice would be to contact AMCC support and ask them (and then let us know too)
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