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    what about ccbill for online pharmacies

    ? any opinion on ccbill ? it look expensive but reall

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    CCBill are very expensive yes, even for a high risk merchant. In addition they also do not accept many European originated cards such as Maestro which limits your audience if you plan on marketing your company in Europe (specifically UK).

    I would suggest you contact for better rates. Alternatively if you don't mind paying quite a high setup fee but low percentage rates then I would contact WSR Corporation (, they specialise in offshore solutions, including offshore merchant accounts for high risk sites.

    I hope this helps.


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    It is my understanding that CCBill only does membership type sites. So if your sites were one of those sites that offer memberships to those people looking for a pharmacy, then possible. But if you are selling tangible goods - no.

    If you volume is high enough, you might check out the gateway for some ideas.

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