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    Please give me an honest review of my hosting site

    Hello everyone. I am almost done with the design and integration of my site and would like some honest opinions and suggestions. Yes I did use a template, but I did the Whcms integration myself.

    Thank you for your time.
    I give up.

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    May 2005
    I won't vote. But, i'll say that overall it looks good. The flash movie is kinda annoying how it just yells music at you on each link click.

    You use some dark fonts which may be hard to read for some users. Your phone number in the upper left hand corner is barely readable and looks a little plain. The web hosting features is dark as well and barely legible. On the right side there is something else that looks similar to the "web hosting" features but I can't see any print on it. It doesn't look like it belongs.

    Other than that, I think the layout is fine.
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    Yeah, I am working on that flash thing. I am not very good with flash, though. Thank you for responding.
    I give up.

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    Aug 2005
    Well, I like the color combination on that template specifically. I like the yellow and black with the glossy effects. However, I agree with the poster above: the flash introduction actually made me jump when it came on! I would suggest taking the music off or change it some how, to something more "suddle" if you will.

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    Overall looks good, your limiting your market with that design though, lets just say I dont think you will get many as many female signups and over a certain age wont take to it well either, and thats the group I always find the most reliable in terms of length of stay and payment.

    Ditch the flash, its awful and the music, I **** my pants when it came on

    a few of the headers I cant even see the grey is light.

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    Personal opinions:

    1. I don't like dark backgrounds for commerical web sites. For hobby/personal sites, ok, but not professional.

    2. Lose the "High quality webhosting unlimited domains, and email addresses, and superb customer service." header across the top. It screams "ticky-tack" and wastes half of your prime screen real estate. It's not even in the same font and color scheme as the rest of the site design.

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    Feb 2006
    top: 50px; left: 200px;
    Ok so I am going to be honest with you here if you are going to attract custom.
    In one word the site looks amateurish..
    The fonts used are wrong in color and style and they are very pixelated.
    you can tell where the text has been added or edited in some cases they are overflowing out of there containers and are not entirely visible.
    I agree with the former on the text at the might as well put I am a novice and haven't a clue what I am doing..
    The darkness is off putting and badly suited to a hosting site.

    Hosting sites are more attractive in my opinion if they are:
    Clean and light
    Not patronising i.e (We are the best host in the world..!!).

    Good Looking sites are not always ones with wonderful flash navigation and with all the whistles and bells sometimes less is more...

    Now please take this criticism in a constructive way and be aware this is only my personal opinion I hope you can use this to your advantage and create yourself a great looking website.
    All the best and good luck - Image Hosting -

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    May 2004
    Here is my honest opinion.

    The text is not anti-alias. Look very pixel.
    TollFree text are barely visible.
    Due to the black background, you WHMCS icon background is not match
    Remove the border for some image link.
    Try to standardise the link color by using some css.
    Also have encounter 404 on billing when click on Flash header

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    Oct 2006
    to start, i would definetly take away the flash/shockwave, always have a link for a vistor to click to view it if they want to, but by default i'd disable that and the sounds.

    I like how the black is used on the site, might be a bit hard to work with, with some pictures.

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