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    Question Simultaneous connections? Database size limit? Host Recommendation

    What is meant by Simultaneous Connections? For 200 unique visitors at a given moment, How many simultaneous connections you would recommend for a in a shared hosting plan?
    Please recommend me a good host with more than 50 MB database limit (mySQL) and maximum simultaneous connections.

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    Well it depends entirely on what type of queries are being run from those 200 connections, as to wheather it is a good idea to use a shared hosting system. If they are simple (Select * FROM) type database queries then 200 connections isnt a huge number. But the more complex the query the mode CPU it will take to run them. I would ask your potential hosting companies what their policies are on this.
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    If you have 200 people at your site that is usually a number that is built up over the past 900 seconds [15 minutes] or at least 60 seconds (depending on how your site is configured). Therefore, only a fraction of those users will actually be requesting a page to be loaded and therefore there will definitely not be 200 x # of queries to generate each page going to the MySQL server (it will be a very small fraction of that, from what we've observed in hosting sites like this).

    I think you would benefit from a hosting company that specifically gears to application hosting. Don't go for the host that is offering 200GB space for $10/mo, as there's a guarantee that you won't be able to host getting that much dynamic traffic there. It may take a while, but simply look around sites like WHT, even Google and gather a list of hosts that you like - contact each of them individually and let them know what you're looking to host. This way you can get it in writing from them whether or not they have issues hosting your application (rather than just signing up and getting the termination notice after a week). As far as your database limit, any decent host should be able to allow you use more than 50MB - but that fact that some hosts put in such limitations illustrates the resource issues how who oversell tend to experience.

    Hope this helps and best of luck in finding a host.
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