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    MySql Database Size

    I was wondering if anyone knew how to judge how big a MySql database is/will become. I am creating one with 2 tables, each has four columns, all text.

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    It depends what kind of data you are inserting to your database. With two tables, I don't think you will be reaching near 1GB
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    Two answers:

    "Go read the manual" answer:
    Well, you can calculate it through the field types of your tables. You'll find the BYTES required for each type on MySQL documentation. In fact you should choose the best fitting field types when designing your databases, just for keeping it the smaller the better.

    "Practical" answer:
    You also can take a look at phpmyadmin. When showing your db tables, you'll see the KB / MB of current storage that your data is using on each table for that database. So you can easily predict how many MB / KB you'll need for i.e. "the double of data'.



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    It can be depending on the paid and free version.A Mysql can store upto 2 GB and I have experience

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    Access can store up to 2GB, MySQL doesn't have that limitation.
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    I have some database over 5 GB, so I am guessing the limit is very high on MYSQL.

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    Limit on MySQL is determined by the OS, not the MySQL itself. You can have a db as big as HDD space you have available. It's all in MySQL documentation.
    I wouldn't worry about database size as much as I'd worry about proper database design.
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