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    Anyone know anything about or had any experience with HostColor (

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    I've been with them for about a month now, and they seem to be good, especially for the prices they offer. I haven't had any problems with any of their features, and they're usually pretty fast about support.

    I think almost everything can be done or configured in the web control panel... but if you want subdomains, you'll have to ask the admin to do it.

    I did encounter a problem once though -- one of their servers was down for about 24 hours because they had to investigate a hacking case (or so they said on their support forum), but they were still pretty quick getting things running again, and they do keep backups, so everything was fine afterwards.

    I've had some really bad experiences with a different host in the past, so I think HostColor is really worth it. It may not be perfect, but I think their packages and service are great considering how much they cost.

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    lol , That tiny kid at the computer is funny

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    He doesn't look too happy... maybe his site is down?

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    He is probably programming in perl or something Or maybe that is the owner of Hostcolor? Hey it could happen... actually, it does happen lol

    </end offtopic>
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    Back from the dead.

    I did a search on hostcolor but couldn't really come up with any conclusive feedback. Figured this is the right forum to ask on so please post away.

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    You can checkout in this forum via search section for any opinion.

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    I've been reading their site.

    This kinda makes me chuckle.

    Host Color has been operating on the hosting market since 2000. Currently we host thousands of personal and business web sites.
    Host Color has rich experience in providing e-solutions uniquly suited for the customers' needs. Since 2000 and we actively participate in the development of the hosting industry. We inspire to keep the standards we have achieved and continue offering our customers high quality hosting services.

       Domain Name: HOSTCOLOR.COM
       Whois Server:
       Referral URL:
       Name Server: NS1.HOSTCOLOR.COM
       Name Server: NS2.HOSTCOLOR.COM
       Status: ACTIVE
       Updated Date: 30-dec-2002
       Creation Date: 05-jan-2002
       Expiration Date: 05-jan-2004

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    Just because a hosts current domain doesn't quite match up with the time they claim to have been around, it doesn't always mean their statement isn't true.

    yes, sometimes some hosts do make false claims like that but it's normally the ones that have just started up and are trying to come across as "experienced".

    They could have traded under or another domain before 2002. it's always possibile

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    Anyone know anything about or had any experience with HostColor (
    Hmm, after that first response I don't think any of you kids stuck to the topic thread beyond a little 'girly slapping'. Let's pretend we're adults here huh?
    Former Webhost... now, just a guy.

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    Hi guys,

    Thanks for funny comments. We have sence of humor and appreciate them. Shiek we are really in the hosting market since 2000. Please check domain

    This is our main company wich is oriented in web development. We started our hosting busines as and then create as trade mark.

    I would like once again to thank you for your attention

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    Hey, That kid on your site is my brother... Take him down!


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    Originally posted by zighost
    You can checkout in this forum via search section for any opinion.
    I DID use the search function, but I couldn't come up with anything in terms of actual user feedback. That's why I bumped a thread that's a year old.

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