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    How many users can you fit on an Opteron 170?

    I know it depends on many factors, but given a dual core Opteron 170 / 2GB RAM running on cPanel, how many users can you technically fit on this server without any hitches (while still trying to squeeze in as many users as possible)?

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    Yup it depends on many factors, however you could in theory put hundreds on there. In fact I have seen lower spec servers with 1000+

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    Like you said theres alot of factors honestly if aslong as you dont have a few users running HUGE mySQL databases you could put alot. I dont recommend this to ANYONE but a friend of mine had 278 on a single AMD Athlon 2200+ with 1GB of ram. Like i said i wouldnt recommend it. You have a very nice processor which will be excellent for web hosting. Memory wise 2GB is amazing also you could put a very good amount of clients on it depending on your bandwidth/hard drive(s)

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