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    Partitioning a Webserver in RH 7.2 ?

    What do you guys recommend as the sizes for the parition if it is planned as a normal apache webserver.
    The server will host just 1 website.

    Lets say I have 70 GBs to play around with.

    Should the /usr or /home be the largest partition?

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    /boot - 8 MB
    / - Rest

    I might be crazy, but if the server will only host one web site, then why worry about partitioning it into a hundred partitions?

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    while one partition is the easiest way to go, it is not always the best solution.

    Having a seperate directory for apache will offer you the following benefits:

    -protection against log partition filling with DoS attack (this sounds maybe a bit silly, but there are some hackers that still use this type of attack that usually brings down the whole system due to 0 free space on the hdd partition).

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    ideal partitions for years of operation:

    no worries of space being filled !!

    /dev/hda1 / 4GB
    /dev/hda2 swap 2GB
    /dev/hda3 /usr 8GB
    /dev/hda4 extended
    /dev/hda5 /var 4GB
    /dev/hda6 /tmp 2GB
    /dev/hda7 /home REST of SPACE around 50gb.

    since, for just 1 website, you can add another

    /dev/hda8 /backup -- 25 gb [reduce /home to 25gb]

    thus, you got a great system for years of operation with a backup too --

    3 years already that I have stopped using /boot in a seperate partition.. no worries !!
    If you are the one who cannot sleep without a seperate /boot, not more than 16MB

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