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    need merchant account for adult website....

    i think i might have narrowed it down to ccbill. what is the general feed back on this company as far as service and pricing goes?

    how much do they actually charge you per membership... i have heard from 1-3 percent, and i have heard 20-30%. obviously this is a huge difference. if it is upwards of 30% i might possibly do all of the billing myself... is this really complicated? i know about chargebacks, and i have seen advertising for companies that will buy your chargebacks, so this way you at least get SOMETHING for the chargeback instead of totally losing out.

    any thoughts?

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    We had a customer with the same question a few months a go.
    Depending on the transaction volume they charge 11.5 to 14%.

    See link below for more info

    Keep in mind that CCBILL is more than only a merchant account, they also do your subscription management.

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    hmm. what exactly is "subscription management?

    so what is exactly invovled, you just post a link for new memebers to sign up, and ccbill takes care of the rest and sends you a check at the end of the week?

    are there any comparable companies for adult sites like ccbill that charge less transaction fees?

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