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    Arrow How many Connection per IP

    I am on a VPS server and want to know in high traffic conditions how many connections per IP address can come... because on my site connections per IP going to 300 and mostly around 100.

    But these are fluctuating and from different locations... everytime.. so dont think as a Dos but so many connections per IP makes my server down for few minutes until connections dont go down.

    Please tell me how many maximum connections per IP will be fine... for a little popular site.

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    you shouldnt have that many connections, maybe 30 at the most per user and that is still high. Make sure KeepAlive is on in httpd.conf. I know I had seeen a friends server once where he had this off and it would let connections build up

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    what's the benefit of "KeepAlive on in httpd.conf"

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    please also tell me where i can set a maximum number of connections per IP on a apache server because server people saying there is no such thing. You have to install a anti-ddos script then you can setup and more connections from any IP will be block.

    Please guide.

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    these two settings

    Also you can try that mod_limipconn to try and limit connections, I just tied it on apache2 didnt work for me, You can use dos deflate and mod_evasive to help control maasive and aggresive connections

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    i used the mod_evasive but that blocks the IP's of the genuine visitors too, in that i also added several times because dont have static IP.

    Please tell me i heared "Bind sshd to only 1 ip, and make it a different ip then your main site, and on a different high level port." , is that right thing to do ?

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