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    Lpanel - Invoicing Question


    I just recently got lpanel and I migragted all my customers over manually... For those who use LPanel do I click on "Add Account Due Date" to set when they should be invoiced, or do I have to "Add a New Subscription"?

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    If I remember how I did it, it went something like this. GET as far away as possible from that script and start using a script like WHMC which supports their product. LPANEL what a nightmare..... Glad I woke up from that bad dream.

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    Lpanel is great for me so far. Lacks a few features but something I can bare with for now.

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    LPanel works great for me too. Has been for over a year.

    I would ADD A NEW SUBSCRIPTION because it will ask you for the ORIGINAL CHARGE DATE and the NEXT CHARGE DATE.

    I have WHMCS as well, but I don't use it because you can't customize it as well as Lpanel. How do you WHMCS users deal with the landing page at the end of each new order being just an invoice that you can customize the look of? (just curious.)

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