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    Anyone in Canada? Thinking of emigrating from Ireland


    I have been planning on moving to the US to live for a few years but now they have made promoting online poker illegal and I have too many big things being developed right now in the poker market to leave it, I made long term plans for the next 5 years so I don't want to drop them.

    I was looking at immigration laws for Canada and for a visa to live you have to have a skill that they are looking for to get a skilled visa or for a business visa I think you have to plan to invest $400,000+, buy a farm or have a net worth of $300,000.

    I think that's right anyway.

    I have no idea how they are working out the net worth but I'm sure it will be a business visa I will be going under but I am still under being self-employed anyway.

    The other problem is my partner....She is a hairdresser but what way will it work for that? Does she also have to apply for a full time job and get it before she can go over either on a work visa then apply for a living visa or even to go straight for a living visa, or is she able to go over on a visa if she is living with me?

    I know a few people here emigrated but not sure if any went from the UK-US or Canada.

    Hoping someone on here has some sort of an idea anyway
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    Sorry, most people I know busted *** going the other way...

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    While there might be some users here with knowledge, you may find better help at a place like

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